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Limited Edition CajongoTM Cajons

These Cajongo cajons are limited to 20 instrument issue.
Each are Numbered & Serialized.
L.E. Teak Primal Artista Tall boy. 

L.E.Teak Standard chamber SOLD OUT

The L. E. Teak Primal Artista Tall Boy Is built with a wonderfully figured plantation Teak from South America.
"Talll Boy" is 20" high, same width and depth as the std Artista sizing. 


These Limited Edition Cajons have a slightly deeper pitch, due to the height with a very warm, live open tone.
 Excellent tonal qualities. Resonant, clear & a good amount of sustain on the bottom end with tremendous attack all around..
 Oh sure they are beautiful.... but the TONE!
They have the same playable flat back as the "primal" pine shell Cajongo cajon series. Yep! two Cajons in one.
Pop a Cajongo Pitch port in and drop the pitch darn near a whole octave down with a little dryer tone. Now three cajons in one!!!
 With the variations available in exchangeable snare bead fixtures, there is quite a lot to get out of these very Special Limited edition Cajongo Cajons.  

New for 2015 L.E. Teak Primal Artista tall boy with Hartman chamber.
 All the qualities of 2014 model but with the "Hartman" chamber design.
 The tapered horizontal chamber give more snare area to play all along the top with a beautiful warm, open bottom end.
 The bottom end is slightly higher pitch than the 2014 model with standard chamber design. 
 Comes loaded with a "Rare"snare and a "Pop" beaded snare fixtures. 
 Place a "Cajongo Pitch Port" in this baby and drop the pitch with a slightly dryer tone.
 Nothing but great sound any way you do it. 

2015 L.E.Teak Primal Artista with Hartman chamber


The original Cajongo "Perico" in Teak

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