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 Back to the roots of the cajon.
 Inspiration for the "Primal" line of Cajongo cajons.

The roots of the cajon go back to the days of slave labor.

 The African slaves had fashioned their tribal drums to keep traditions & customs alive. The drums were taken away and forbiden by the slave owners in fear that the slaves spirtual rituals and drumming would uplift the inslaved people and give them power.
 The suppressive slave owners could never take away the desire to communicate and create in a spiritual nature through rhythm and drumming. The slaves created drums from anything they could lay thier hands on when the boss was not around, They would use the boxes or crates for packing & shipping, drawers from cabinets to play the spiritual rhythms from the home land in place of the drums they were forbiden to have. This is where the modern day cajon evolved from.
 Thus the use of common pine lumber to create the "Primal" line of "Cajongo"TM cajons.
 Pine lumber was used by the Fender amplifier co. for many years as a "tone" wood. Later replaced by Plywood for durability, then eventualy particle board for price point.

Prmal Chico

Undivided back of Primal Chico

The Cajongo TM "Primal" line of cajons are made of 1/2" thick sugar pine from certified sustainable California forestry.

The "Primal" series cajons have the unique trade mark divided face of the "Cajongo" TM cajon.   The flat undivided back can be played as a traditional cajon. The "Primals" have the original unique innovative two chamber design providing a variety of pitch & tone across the divided face like no other cajon. Stereo ports are another Cajongo TM innovation along with the chambered shell , divided face and duel playing surfaces.

The Primal "Ninos", "Chico", "Artista" , "OM Grand" , "La Montana" & the newest in the line , La Montana Arch Back all come standard with a removable exchangable snare fixtures; another unique innovation in the "Cajongo"TM line of musical instruments & accessories for the artist looking for new "Color" for his palette. "Hand made to be hand played."

Click for sample of the "Chico"

Primal Artista

Undivided back of Primal Artista

Primal OM

"Ninos" cajon

The "Ninos" cajon : 11"x11"x14" Pine shell unchambered , undivided face. One port in back & comes with a "Bare" snare fixture.
Don't let the size fool you, this cajon has good tone and teriffic punch. It is far from a "Toy" cajon. The Ninos has a tone quality that will satisfy and encourage a young player for years. Same quality construction as all the Cajongo ® line.

La Montana

The "Primal" La Montana is certainly a mountain of a cajon. Measuring 14.5" x 14" x 20" it delivers tone galore! Stereo ported for excelent projection. The unique divided face has a tremendous warm open bottom end with everything in between, up to that treasured high crack. The La Montana comes loaded with a "Super Bare" snare fixture. The undivided back delivers a dryer, tighter tone with plenty of variation to act as your second cajon suiting your musical mood.


 Primal La Montana with Natural Blue Stain Sugar Pine.
 The Natural Blue Stain comes from a fungus that grows
in the wood either from a standing or fallen dead tree
 often associated with the  pine beetle or lumber sitting
 too long before milling.
 No worries! the fungus is dead after kiln drying, no harm to us folks.
 Nature making things more beautiful.

Primal Chico Hartman snare chamber

This older design finaly came off the paper & into the real world thanks to Ed Hartman of The Drum Exchange in Seattle Wa.                   Ed mentioned he had a customer that loved the Cajongo tone & chamber inovation but wanted more snare across the entire top. I told Ed that I had the idea on paper but had never got around to building one, so here's the chance! He only had it in the shop 24hrs before another customer snatched it up!
 Change up the snares and have a ball. These models come loaded with two "Super Bare" snares, but any combo of fixtures will give a wide array of snare tone to suit the mood. Sometimes it takes a nudge to get me moving. Thanks ED!

Primal Artista Hartman snare chamber

Primal La Montana Hartman snare chamber
Primal OM Hartman snare chamber