What the heck is a "CAJONGO" ?

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What the heck is a "CAJONGO" ?
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What is it? Where did it come from?  "Cajongos"tm are a line of percussion instrument. The word is coined from : cajon & bongo. The original "Perico" model " CAJONGO"TM came from a concept that  Jose "Perico" Hernandez , an illustrious Cuban born percussionist , brought to me in late 1999. He asked me to build him one. After getting over the fact that I was not worthy, I was extremely excited to do so! Through experimentation and some tonal guidance from Perico I developed the somewhat empirical work known as the "CAJONGO"TM line of musical instruments.  The "PERICO" Bongo model was the first and it didn't stop there. From that first concept I have experimented with shell size,shape, thickness and materials creating a wide and varied line of hand drums for the Artist to create with. The "PERICO" remains a  favorite.  The "CAJONGO"TM  line of hand percussion instruments are built completely of wood (including, Skin or Head). Bongo, Cajon, Boku' and Bata' style drums.

Rhythm.... created by the man.
"Perico" doing what he LOVES!!! !!

Line of original "Cajongos"- Cajon Bongos
Left to right : The "Perico" - "Voz Ritmico" - "Grand 38 Special"


The Original CajongoTM chambered cajon design came from the Bongo concept in 2001.

 Shown above is one of the first issue "Artista" models showing the divided face and stereo side ports.

 The basic models shells are constructed of high quality birch plywood or Sugar pine with special plywood skins.  They are all "Hand made to be hand played". 

Proudly made in the U.S.A. 

"CAJONGO"TM musical instruments are constructed with great care, craftmanship, attention to detail, are very durable and do not require tuning. They have a stable pitch & tone regardless of heat, cold, humidity or dryness.     

 Shell size, thickness and type, combined with Skin thickness and type, create  truly crisp yet warm resonate tone with open bottom-end.

Bongo style:  "PERICO""Voz Ritmico" & "Cabongo" .  

Cajon style:  "Arch Back" birch ply shell; "Chico", "Artista","OM Grand".

                    "Primal" Solid pine shell; "Chico","Artista", "OM Grand", "La Montana","La Montana" arch back & "La Montana" slant face arch back. All avalible with the exclusive "Hartman" Snare chamber. 

 Boku' style: "Babalu's".  Quinto & Conga .

 Stock finish is acrylic.

 Cajongo TM Cajons are totally Unique Innovative cajons due to the divided face & chambered design of my own, giving an extreamly wide variety of pitch and tone across the face unlike any other cajon.  From a high crack to a low open bottom, the pitch change & tones are there.   If Jose down at the Professional Drum Shop hadn't asked if I would make a cajon, it would yet to be conceived.
Thanks! JOSE !

 I've been building the "Cajongo"TM line since "99" and have had a teriffic time developing them and getting them out to the world of Rhythm!   They are being played by some of the "TOP" percussonists on the planet. My deepest gratitude goes out to them. THANK YOU!!!  !!  !!! !!

Cuban Pride!