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 Unique Qualities of "No Ordinary Cajon"; Drum Mag.


The lumber for this Custom Cajongo Cajon seasoned as a board for over 30 years.

Primal Artista "Tall Boy"
Vintage Redwood, Hand rubbed oil & wax finish

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 Primal La Montana. African ribbon mahogany, black walnut rims & rib.

Custom Primal La Montana

Beautiful Burl in the grain. The Fiddle Maple binding is repurposed lumber from a very old piece of furniture.

Undivided back for traditional handing.
The tone ? Let's just say... YUM!

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 This Cajon is a power house of attack and round open bottom end.
A performance Cajongo cajon for sure. 

The undivided back is wide open for your handing.

 Custom Shop Dove tailed shell Primal La Montana Slant Face Arch Back. The natural blue stain sugar pine lumber for this custom Cajongo cajon came from salvage beetle kill sugar pine tree. Truly wonderful open bottom end with great mid and cracking high end. 

Custom La Montana Slant Face Arch Back

Natural Blue Stain Sugar Pine Dove Tailed Shell

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