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KSCL TV Interview with "Bell".

Bill Lagattuta's Profile on Pat's Wood Works

Southern California Press & Video Aug. 2016

R Mereno @ Musicians Outlet Palm desert Ca. Cajongo Primal Chico.W/ Bare snare

Leddie Garcia Visits the shop for some taste testing.

Marlon Grace ; Boom Boom Boom the Band. Perico bongo @ Cactus

Marlon Grace, La Montana Cajon @ Cactus

Marlon demos Mallets @ Cactus

Craig Casey, Grand Artista Arch Back @ Cactus

Chris Mason on a "Primal Artista" in a studio duet.

Ed Hartman, Drum Exchange Seattle Wa.

Cajon documentary - The roots of the cajon ("El cajon es peruano... lo digo yo")

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