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New for the CajongoTM line of Musical Instruments.


  The Cajongo Pitch port was developed to drop the pitch while keeping as much of the pure natural tone available in the Cajon.
 The Pitch Port lowers the pitch about an octave. The natural character of the port dries the tone just a bit, but to no great detriment to the tone quality 
 of the instrument.

 The Cajongo pitch port is designed to fit current models of Cajongo cajons but the Custom Shop with oval port holes.

 For example:
 Pitch drop when used in a "Chico" will bring the pitch down to the "Artista",  the "Artista" down to the "OM" and "La Montana", the "OM" & "La Montana" down to a low boom.

 This innovation to the Cajongo line is another add-to fixture that gives the artist another opportunity to create at will.
 When added to one of the "Primal" line , it offers 3 drums for the price of one.


A simple twist and push to install, reverse to remove. Simple!


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