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Cajongo Shakers

Something new and different for the Cajongo line of musical instruments. And the world of percussion!

  Page 4 Custom shop Vintage Redwood Cajongo Cajon's.


 Limited Edition Teak Primal Artista " Tamil ", Tall Boy.

 Limited Edition of 20 cajons.  Artista Std chamber SOLD OUT

Artista "Hartman" chamber sill available. 


 These custom limited edition Cajongo cajons are constructed from a So. American plantation grown teak.

 The grain differs from one cajon to the other but all are uniquely beautiful, not to mention the warm round full open tone they deliver. 

 Named "Tamil"  the derivation of the word teak, which means "talk" from  ancient  "Dravidian" language.

 These drums are the "Artista" width of 14.5 " and the "Montana" height of 20" , thus the nick name "Tall Boy".

 A must play heirloom instrument for sure. 

Standard Artista chamber is sold out. There is a possibility of reissue in the future.

A few Artista Hartman chamber are still available.

Artista Standard chamber SOLD OUT
Artista "Hartman" chamber. A FEW LEFT

Leddie Garcia taste tests the Cajongo line!

Leddie Garcia visits Pats Wood Works (home of Cajongo ... - YouTube 10:55 10:55 4 days ago - Uploaded by PercussionPlanetVid Letty Garcia visits the Cajongo Cajon shop. Check his technique as he puts these drums under his hands for ...

Click for sample of "Chico"

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